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Ivan Juggins

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Hi All,
Thanks for visiting my site.
Whats left of 2009 and the start of 2010 will see Ivan progressing onto a 2004 ZX6RR Kawasaki to take on the 600 supersport series to get him one step closer to his Dream of being a Superbike Rider.
Also Ivan will continue to ride the SV650 in the Pro Twins series to try get up to 6th in the Winter series
From there Ivan is going to compete in the New Tri Series racing Manfield, Wanganui cemetery circuit and onto Taupo were he will also team up with younger brother and currently 2nd in the 125GP series onboard the 2004 ZX6RR to try there luck in the 3 hour enduro.
Thank you for visiting and take a look around
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Ivan Juggins #59

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Just Purchased a ZX6RR
Both New Zealand Land Speed Records are Official

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